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Muscle exercisesMuscle exercises: the largest library of physical exercises on the web, each muscle exercise is simply explained with 3D video animations. Whether you are an expert trainer, sports professional, athlete or simply love staying fit, you will find what you need in our library of muscle exercises.


Easy and intuitive search for muscle exercises: to help you search for the specific muscle exercises for every type of training and every muscle, we have divided the exercise library into 3 main body areas: Upper, central and lower areas. In each area, you will find a list of the main muscles in this region of the body.


Share your experience: one of the main reasons for starting this project was to promote the basic concepts of well-being in general and physical training in particular. For this reason, we encourage you to comment on each exercise and express your point of view by describing those small tricks and suggestions that only someone who has been enthusiastically exercising for years would know.

Anatomic Muscle Map

Explanations and FAQs

Are there separate muscle exercises for men and women?

Absolutely not. All muscle exercises can be performed by both sexes since many scientific studies have demonstrated that there are no substantial anatomical differences between men and women.


Then, why are some muscle exercises performed by a female figure and others by a male figure?

Simply to not discriminate against anyone, we use both sexes, just as we are using different ethnicities for our virtual instructors. Well-being is for everyone, without any type of discrimination or racism.


Stretching and flexibility exercises: our project is constantly growing thanks to the positive feedback that our users send us. We are working everyday to expand and improve our library and soon we will also have stretching and flexibility exercises for every muscle category.


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Just Added

Knee push ups - hands as chest width: good exercise to build inner part of chest ( pectoral muscle )...
Foot 2 Foot Crunch 19 April 2011

Knee push ups 03 April 2011

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