Bench Presses

Chest Exercises - Bench Presses
Classic exercise to develop the pectoral muscles in the gym or at home.
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InstructionsLie faceup on a horizontal bench, with buttocks on the bench and feet flat on the ground: Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip wider than shoulder width. Inhale and lower the bar to the chest with a controlled movement. Extend the arms and exhale at the end of the effort. If you have back problems or want to isolate the pectorals, perform the extension with the legs raised.
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Muscle Exercise Analysis
"main muscles trained"
  • 1 | Chest
  • 2 | Shoulders
  • 3 | Oblique
  • 4 | Triceps
  • 5 | Lower Back
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Muscles involved Triceps , Chest
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