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Back ExercisesBack Exercises: specific category of the best exercises to train your back muscles. All the exercises for your back are illustrated by detailed and professional 3D video animations.


Back Training Note: the back is made up of three primary muscles. For this reason we wish to point out that training only the dorsal muscle produces an incomplete workout. To achieve the much desirable V-shaped back, which spells perfection, you must also train the trap and the sacrospinalis muscle.


Elements of Dorsal Muscle Anatomy: the large dorsal muscle is very broad and it is shaped like a triangle. This muscle originates from the bottom half of the spine and from the lower extremity of the pelvis. This muscle generates downward traction from behind the shoulder allowing the arm to move toward the body.

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Pull up Exercise 07 April 2010

Muscles involved Back , Biceps , Lower Back
Pull Up is a good example of widespread muscle exercise for training at home. The only needed equipment is the fixed bar. Pull Up is the effective exercise for strengthening back, especially the dorsal muscle. It appears to be a compound exercise since it requires the cooperation of several muscle g...
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Dumbbell Row Exercise 07 April 2010

Muscles involved Back
Take a position with one knee and one hand on the bench. The hand holding the dumbbell is in a straight line with your shoulder. Do not excessively curve your torso. Contracting your dorsal muscle, lift the dumbbell to bring it parallel to your side. Hold this position for a fraction of a second, an...
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Knee push ups - hands as chest width: good exercise to build inner part of chest ( pectoral muscle )...
Foot 2 Foot Crunch 19 April 2011

Knee push ups 03 April 2011

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